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"Genes and Environment" is an official journal of JEMS published since 2006. Purpose of this journal is acceleration of communications among global scientists working in the field of genes and environment. "Genes and Environment" publishes articles across a broad range of field including environmental mutagenesis, environmental genomics, molecular epidemiology, genetic toxicology and regulatory sciences.

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"Genes and Environment" welcomes submission of manuscripts from non-members as well.


Permission to reproduce, in whole or in part, any material published before 2015 in this journal must be obtained in written form from both the author of the article and the Publisher, the Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society. Secretary office of the Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society(Oral Health Association of Japan)

In order to photocopy any work from this journal published before 2015, you or your organization must obtain permission from the following organization which has been delegated for copyright clearance by the copyright owner of this publication. Japan Academic Association for Copyright Clearance, Inc. (JAACC)

Best Paper Award

The JEMS bestows annually a "Best Paper Award" to a prominent paper published in "Genes and Environment".

Electronic Publication

"Genes and Environment" transferred to publishing with BioMed Central in 2015 after being self published since 2006. Articles published in 2015 or later are available on-line at the BioMed Central Genes and Environment Website.

"Genes and Environment" before 2015 and "Environmental Mutagen Research" are available on-line at the J-STAGE [Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic]

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